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  • Points of Light Conference Returns to Atlanta

    Posted in 2018 Atlanta, Press Releases on Mar 12, 2018

    ATLANTA – March 12, 2018 – Points of Light will bring its annual conference, Service Unites, back to Atlanta this year, from June 18-20. Points of Light, headquartered in Atlanta, has chosen this year’s conference theme to be “Igniting Civic Culture.” Formerly known as the Conference on Volunteering and Service, this global event brings together more than 2,500 nonprofit, government, business and civic leaders to gain and share knowledge, resources and connections needed to galvanize the power of people to create change globally.

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Conference on Volunteering and Service
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600 Means Street, Suite 210
Atlanta, Georgia 30318

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The emphasis on cross-sector collaboration was eye-opening, and everyone I met walked away with fresh perspectives and ideas. It broke down the silos of inward-facing sectors and showed us how much more powerful our work can be when we come together. An unbeatable experience!

— 2017 Seattle Attendee

The conference proved to be one of the most engaging and exciting professional gatherings of like-minded people I've ever attended. Although the topics, content, and presentations all appropriately centered around volunteering and service in some way, the sheer range of them was simply astounding.

— 2017 Seattle Attendee

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